Stronger: Part One

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:How to stand firm in your faith.

God's Amazing Love

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:How God's amazing love can touch your family.

Founding Fathers: Jacob

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:Jacob's life illustrates to us how the grace of God can change everything.

Founding Fathers: Isaac

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:Isaac offers us a demonstration of faithful presence in the world.

Founding Fathers: Abraham

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:Abraham demonstrates what it means for the people of G-d to live a life of] faith and faithfulness.

Father's Day

Dr. Brad Strawn


Description:Why and how to nurture loving relationships in community.

ISM: Relativism

Aaron Caluza


Description:What is the basis by which we can know how we ought to live?

ISM: Consumerism

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:While the world around us is consumed by consumerism, christians are called to live a different life then that.

ISM: Nationalism

Pastor Danny El-Aaidi


Description:Christians stand in two kingdoms but their loyalty remains to one.

Holy Days: Trinity

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:What does it mean to do something 'in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit'?

Holy Days: Pentecost

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:The Spirit gives the church mission and power.

Holy Days: Ascension

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:An end and a beginning of Jesus's ministry.

Impact - Faith That Matters Part 5

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:How are we to offer ourselves as a resource for God's mission in the world?

Impact - Faith That Matters Part 4

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:How to discern when we are following God's way or standing in God's way.

Impact - Faith That Matters Part 3

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:What system results are you getting in your life of faith?

Impact - Faith That Matters Part 2

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:A seemingly 'minor' character plays a major part in the story of the early church.

Impact - Faith That Matters Part 1

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:Christian faith should have influence in our lives and the world.

He Is Risen!

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:Jesus's resurrection was the turning point of human history.

Cruciform: Generosity

Aaron Caluza


Description:The cross calls us to give all we can.

Cruciform: Courage

Michelle Knight


Description:The cross calls disciples of Jesus to live courageous lives.

Cruciform: Humility

Rolf Geyling


Description:The imitation of Jesus leads us to humility.

Cruciform: Sacrifice

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:In this series we are learning about the characteristics of a life shaped and formed by the cross of Jesus. This week we explore the cross and sacrifice.

Families that Flourish Pt. 1

Pastor James & Kyla Kinzler


Description:Pastor James and his wife, Kyla, speak together about some key points that are to be desired by any family which follows Jesus.

Embrace the Moment

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:What three young men teach us what about fully embracing faith.

Finding Jesus

Aaron Caluza


Description:Mary hast lost Jesus. In her search for him, she discovers some surprising things from and about her son Jesus.

Reach to the Hard-Hearted

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:The Christmas story wasn't just for magi, shepherds, and Mary and Joseph. The Christmas story is for the narratives biggest villain: Herod.

Reach to the Foreigner

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:The Christmas story reveals God's heart for all people, regardless of race, gender, social class, and place of origin.

Reach to the Margins

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:Christmas teaches us that those on the margins are significant to the heart of God.

Thanksgiving Service

Coast Community Church


Description:With Thanksgiving arriving, we spent the time bringing up a few congregates to talk about their lives, their journeys, and how they are thankful for what God has provided for them.

Christian Duty

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:How are Christians to respond to oppressors, tragedy, and sin in the world?

Major League Christians

Pastor Danny El-Aaidi


Description:What does it mean to be a fully devoted christian? To follow God with all your heart, soul and mind? Listen in as Pastor Danny speaks about this today, and how it is so contrast from living a worldly life.

Sticks and Stones

Aaron Caluza


Description:Our words have power.

Love In Action

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:Christians are called to put the royal law into action.

Listen and Act

Pastor Danny El-Aaidi


Description:Two critical disciplines Christians must develop in the life of faith.

The Single Life

Aaron Caluza


Description:Part one of our study in James. How do we maintain a single, undivided commitment on faithfulness to God?

Part of the Family

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:The reputation of the church should be marked by three things.

Night and Day

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:The essence of Christian existence can be summarized in three words.

Make the Ask

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:How are we to present our requests on behalf of friends and family before God?

House of Prayer

Michelle Knight


Description:Learning to pray from Solomon's great prayer dedicating the temple in 2 Chronicles 6.

First Responders

Pastor James Kinzler


Description:The mission of the church begins with prayer.

Habakkuk's Prayer

Pastor Danny El-Aaidi


Description:Can we be angry and frustated with God? Is it ever okay to rant, yell, cry, or even question God?

Praying to Listen

Aaron Caluza


Description:"Speak, your servant is listening."